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Month of December : Every Week by The Flower Alley


Welcome to our December Seasonal Bouquet Club

We are so excited to offer our customers a fantastic deal on our seasonal flower bouquets. We are creating custom wrapped flower bouquets every week for the month of december which will be in a variety of flowers from all over the world! Each week we will vary the look of the bouquets to bring you blooms that may be unique to our shop just for this season only! We will vary the type of flowers, greens, styles etc. 

The Bouquet Club is available for PICKUP ONLY at our store in Novi  // Pickups available Wednesday - Friday 9am-4pm and Saturday 19m-12pm

If you are gifting this bouquet subscription, we will send your recipient a "Welcome to the Club" email on the date that you select :) 

4 Weeks - $40 a week

The Bouquet club will begin Dec 1st and end Dec 31st - 4 full weeks of Flower Bouquets 

Please note: if you will be out of town, please give us a heads up and we are happy to double your order for the following week.