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Prosecco Pong Game by The Flower Alley


Move over beer pong! With this new Prosecco Pong party game set, drinking games just got waaay classier.

Like hummus and that friend-of-a-friend who makes everyone uncomfortable with his awkward small talk, this 15-piece game set is an adult party essential! It comes with three pink plastic balls for tossing and 12 clear plastic coupes for targets, because the red Solo kind just isn't fancy enough for this sophisticated activity.
Like beer pong, you can split into teams or play one on one. Opponents face each other on either end of a long table, and try to land the balls into the prosecco-filled cups.

This champagne pong game set is perfect if you love to entertain. It also makes a great gift for your favorite bubbly-loving companion.

  • Includes the cups and balls you need to play prosecco pong
  • Sparkling wine (prosecco, champagne, cava, moscato, etc) and long table not included
  • Play as you would beer pong
  • Split into teams or play one on one
  • Opponents face each other at either end of a long table, line up the glasses filled with Prosecco, then take turns trying to toss the pink ping pong balls into them
  • If you get a ball into a glass, your opponent is supposed to drink from it
  • Ping pong balls are made of pink colored plastic
  • Coupe-style glasses are made of clear, reusable plastic
  • Makes a great gift
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