White Stock by The Flower Alley



(10) Fresh Stems of Gorgeous White stock - This is a loose wrapped bouquet of stock only. Stock is a spring floral, with delicate white petals, similar to a hydrangea. Stock has a sweet floral smell of aroma. Delivered in craft paper and a bow. This style of flowers does not include a vase and is a loose bouquet of flowers. Upon arrival, recipient must re-cut stems of flowers and place in a vase of water. Symbolism of the Stock Flower : The name makes it sound average and normal, but the stock flower is actually quite special. The outgoing stock flower means enjoying life whenever you can, even when it’s not exactly what you planned for or wanted. It’s perfect for celebrating anything that brings you happiness, from the birth of a new family member to a housewarming party. These flowers are used for weddings as well because it’s a beautiful way for a husband to tell a wife he will always consider her the most beautiful woman in the world. Pair that with an overall meaning of happiness and you can see why it has so much potential.